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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Nikon 10-24mm Lens vs. Tamron 10- 24mm Lens

When I was shopping for a new lens for my Nikon dslr, I struggled whether I should purchase a Nikon model or a less expensive brand by either Tamron or Sigma. Although the camera body is very important, the right digital camera lens will determine whether your picture comes out to be a winner or a flop!

It's kinda like shopping in the grocery store and paying full price for a name brand vs. discount for a generic. The main difference is that you're talking about hundreds of dollars in savings for a digital camera lens when you buy from companies not named Canon or Nikon.

Today I want to review two wide angle camera lenses for Nikon dslr's, the Nikon 10-24 mm and Tamron AF 10-24 mm.

Nikon 10-24 mm Lens vs. Tamron AF 10-24 mm Lens

The Nikon 10-24 mm and Tamron AF 10-24 mm are excellent choices for wide angle lenses. A wide angle lens would be a great option in different scenarios.

Let's say that you're a nature enthusiast that enjoys outdoor photography. A wide angle lens and tripod would be the right tools to capture the morning sunrise by the water,early afternoon scenes in the park, or the sunset over the mountains.

With a small aperture of F/22, both lenses provide a large depth of field meaning that everything in the photo will appear sharp and in focus.The Nikon 10-24 mm lens and Tamron AF 10-24 mm lens both receive high grades.

What's really the difference?

Nikon DSLR Wide Angle Lens Comparison Chart

Wide Angle Digital Camera Lens For Nikon
FeaturesNikon 10-24mmTamron AF 10-24mm
PurchaseView At AmazonView At Amazon
Focal Length10 -24 mm10- 24 mm
Wide Angle Digital Camera Lens
Aperture RangeF/3.5 - F/22F/3.5-F/29
Minimum Focusing Distance.8 ft9.45 inches
Picture Angle109 - 61 degrees108- 60 degrees
Construction9 Groups/ 14 Elements9 Groups/ 12 Elements
Filter Size77 mm77 mm
Size (LxD inches)3.5 in x 1 in3.4 in x 3.3 in
Weight (ounces)16 oz13.1 oz

Nikon 12-24 mm Lens

What makes the Nikon 10-24mm Lens stand out is the silent wave monitor that lets the lens produce sharp and quiet high-speed auto focusing. You get instant results and avoid shutter lag. In addition, this lens model gives exact distant information that is sent to the flash. This ensures proper exposure for flash photography.

Nikon is known for producing top notch dslr lenses that sell for a premium. When convenience and quality matter, then a Nikon lens is the way to go.The Nikon 10-24mm Lens is better suited for professionals and serious photographers.

Tamron AF 10-24 mm Lens

Upon review of the Tamron AF 10-24mm lens, it performed well for a product half the price of it's competitor; however, when it came to image quality, it fell short.

There appears to be a slight issue with image distortion on the edges as you get a wider angle of view. This can be corrected with photo editing software.

A serious amateur on a budget can still benefit from the Tamron AF 10-24mm lens because of the low price and good results.

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